About Us

Our company with the current name; TAŞCI KARDEŞLER TANKER İMALİ OTO TAMİR BAK. SERV. GIDA MAD. SAN VE TİC. LTD. ŞTİ.  was established in 1978 with a factory area of 300 m2 in the old industrial area to appeal only to the Fuel Tanker sector and has not compromised its manufactural structure ever since that day. It was incorporated in 1996. In 2000, the management changed and new decisions were taken to add new products besides the production of fuel tankers, these new products were asphalt tankers, oil tankers, food tankers and chemical tankers. In 2004, because of the now small manufacturing area and inorder to get larger volume orders and to design new products, we moved to a 5000 square meter factory where we are currently manufacturing from. With the transition to this new plant, we have begun to produce turnkey lube oil plants, produce up to 5000 m3 of silos, tank trailers, heated asphalt tankers, customised fire engines, gravel spreaders, chemical subsatance tanks, chemical tanks, stainless tanks. In this process, exports have increased and alot of sales have been made without trucks, and this has contributed to the exports  and it continues to do so. It begun to receive Quality Standard documents according to customer and regulatory requirements and it has constantly improved itself. It has worked for many fuel oil and chemical substance distribution companies and has maintained the continuity of his work flow with good relations with its customers.

Our company, which values staff training and quality management system offers its service with,

-EN ISO 3834-2,

-EN ISO 14731,

-TS EN ISO 9712,

-TS EN 15614,

-TS EN 9606-1,

-TS EN13094,

-ISO 9001-2008,

-TSE 712,

-TSE 12285-1,

-TSE 12285-2,



As our company’s current situation stands;

- Chemical and Fuel Stock Tanks,

-Complete Lube Oil Plants,

-Complete Liquid-Oil Plants,

Tanks for Chemical Substance Plants,

-The tanks for complete Asphalt Production Plants with and without heating,

- Fuel Tankers on Trucks and Trailers,

- Asphalt tankers (Bitum Tanker) on Trucks and Trailers,

-Heated asphalt tankers on trucks and trailers,

- Asphalt paver vehicles (Distributors) on trucks and trailers,

- Chemical tankers on trucks and Trailers,

-Food, water and chemical tankers from stainless steel,

-Water tankers on trucks and trailers,

-Irrigation Tanker,

-Sprinklers tanker,

-Tippers on trucks and trailers,

-Steel box on trucks and trailers,

-Lowbed Trailer,

- Container Trailer,

-Mobile Repair Maintenance Vehicles,

- mobile vehicles needed by the public institutions and organizations,

-Tipper trailers,

- Water Tankers Tippers,

- Container Fuel Tank,

- Container Asphalt (Bitumen) Tank,

-Mobile Station,

-Demonte Mobile Station Kit production.

Our company, which has 40 years of manufacturing experience in this sector, also tries to stay young with new projects in line with customer demands and desires.